VazyMolo Interface

What are VaZyMolO Interfaces ?

They constitute an access to the content of our database of modular anotations regarding viral proteins ("VaZyMolO: a tool to define and classify modularity in viral proteins" Ferron F Et AL. J Gen Virol 2005 Mar,86:743-9;PMID:15722535 ).They provide you with a browser to seek among annotations and a "Blast and tools" page allowing to compare and analyse a sequence of interest.

How to use it ?

There are 2 ways to use the VaZyMolO interfaces:
  • 1) .You can seek for information by using our database browser available from the tab entitled "VaZyMolO Browser". Click on a protein name or id to access modular information. Then click on a module to get further details about it.

    The Browser

    VaZyMolO Browser

    For further information about how to search with the browser click here.

    The Focus

    VaZyMolO Browser

  • 2) . If you already have a sequence of interest, you can use our "VaZyMolO Blast and tools" that will enable you with the use of several tools for sequence analysis and a BLAST engine against our database of module that will indicates similarities with our data. Simply fill in the form and select the tool you want to apply. Regarding the BLAST options, a panel of libraries are available, pick the one you want to use. On the BLAST result, if your sequence query matches with our databases information, you can click on the sequence ID to be redirected to the detailled information of the selected protein or module(see FOCUS above).